Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook #2 Winners!


This week–from 5-11 December– “Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook #2” was banging! We are happy now to announce the poets whose poetry wins the heart of the curators! Congratulations!


Damhuri Muhammad (Essayist and Media Indonesia’s Editor)

Wayan Jengki Sunarta (Poet and Art Curator)

Langit Amaravati (Author)

Esha Tegar Putra (Poet)

Semi Ikra Anggara (Theater Critic)


Choosing 42 poems from 42 different poets:
Dedari Rsia
pieces of
pulled out
of my mind
so that
I found

Afrilia Utami
dialogue of distance

Sri S Ningsih
longitudinal transversal
longitudinal transversal
burn. knot.
kinky. intercepted.
vine. strengthened

Slamet Riyadi Sabrawi
conscience. fog
sound. creep over
stirr up.

Inraini Fitria Shah

I’m waiting
for you there
faint and owe me

Citra Sasmita


spread over
as a fitting
of intermediary
between you
and me
in silence
delivering voices

Nur Gusti Azizah

you and I # the wind from that side# i heard something# through the earphones
connect# with the earphones# without song? #no,

then what do we hear# next to the ear# your heart beat#

Saktya Rini Hastuti

meshes silent
on a noise
stabbed thousand of kidneys,
be not care
dead withered
in the bush
coil consumption

wrenched by millions
of cable industry
we are oppressed
in our own country

Linggar Rimbawati Puwrowardhoyo
i do not understand the world so noisy give me the earphone i had a world of its own

Abmi Handayani
when silence surrendered herself to anxiety
let, let
us go see
the swallow
to return

Ratna Ayu Budhiarti
from a far

the waving noises of
dangdut songs
and the gossip about possessor
turn me to deaf!
the roar of words
like a race
in the wave

Agustina Kusuma Dewi
1 killing the overture

there was no sound of bully
and mourning;
besides lonely of

thousands of text and images that
hovers in a long echo
ishtar, can you
supply me
the silent?

2. tone and zero point

is that what? we want
While i you and you i
cannot spell the sign of a grey destiny
In the Divine Comedy
and a symphony
of sound without sound
Ah, prayer.
What if I order it one,
a beep ? from you

Herman Syahara
humming silence
through the smoothness of fibers
i told you about my copper colored longing
i got no hint
but a long quiet hum
so irritating.

Kie Guevara
multipurpose of sound rope

imagine the sound of rope binding the struggle
the lullaby of fate
laying down the peace
go get it and put it to the ear of ruler
rotate the stanzas of the ordinary people
if they can not hear it
tie them by force!

Gustu Sinduputra
the dark labyrinth of the jingle light
hear me whisper:
noisy earth!
let’s turn off the phone today

Ratuarti Laras
Sennheiser Orpheus HE90

the second ear
as if the world moves to him
no doubt how expensive
you’re chasing
music, tone, voice
the main thing now is
owned by the insanity of youth voice

Sartika Sari
your voice is nothing

nothing but nothing
drowned by the blood and dissolved in the pulse
nothing is left but revenge
missing is a dinner
and long sleeping friend
do not ever meet me, with a question.

Farra Yanuar
In my ear, any songs
like flattery, hacked by —————————————————————-→distance

Tri Jengky
the voice of horn from public transportation and this mouthpiece plugged in my ears
are competing each other and i hear “where did you have sex last night?” his eyes wide opened. i wave my thumb: “awesome!”

Abu Nabil Wibisana
String of Ears
he took off the rope—wanderer
between silence and solemn sound
similar knight returning home
entering his own ear so often

Nenden Dalisay Djakababa Gericke
Concert of Silence

We looked at each other
From across the room
Then we met in the middle, dancing together
With the accompaniment of different songs.
I don’t know what the hell you’re listening to

En Hidayat
none of your business

when the voice of the rulers
stab each other
whose ear is burning?

Dhini Aprilio
Sorry, may I edit?

like the tangled threads
unravel your beats of vein
clashed with alimbubu

the song of dropping water
rip off all the worry and dumb

Gusmel Riyadh
your wilted and dewy ear

now the ear plug

becomes a scapegoat
pretend not to hear

your fenced morality

Anisa Isti
looking for the voice of god
two ears are dead
eaten by the news and television
what a pity

Irfan Arief

Night as flat as a ;~~~~~~~~wooden table~~~~~~~~;
Her face looks lonely

ear and rowdy are
reluctant to be away

Edy Sembodo
what kind of world can you create with wires in the ear?
nothing, doesn’t it?
there is only the sound of lonely, the sound of lost
in fact it is just
a shadow of fiction

Nadzme Bali
his voice
his words
his speaking style
destructing all the logic

just the sense
left behind

Ida Iswari Ikhsanhadi
the woven was pointless
when the sound may no longer be heard
like a maze without lights
wherever you step on
then we can just look at each

Biolen Fernando Sinaga
are you sick of listening to melancholy songs?
i’ve told you as always, read my poems!

Some young man are running———in the street
with your noise
even when my kids fall asleep
throwing pillows, choosing to twist their body with you
you shit.

Bonk Ava
i saw your face
in a wired earphone

Yaz Galih
music blinding distance
this is our way to find each other
to miss each other secretly
to gaze at each shadow

Didik Siswantono
as distance
a mother folds the time
then i stopped in a vintage gadget,
entrust my longing through the cables

to kiss that mother,
her tears fall tick and tack

Reky Arfai
in your ears, is it true that various kinds of sound hide, when these lips
never suck
a little grief?

Atikah Zata Amani
but it’s useless
rain did not hear
the ropes
not coming

Faiz Adittian
two holes, two souls

should it be like this
each time the symphony begins
we are always in need of hole
for finding soul?

Iwan S Adiwira
it’s just a tool, the switching noise of shouts
ear plugging of howling poverty and destitution
or noisy exhaust-muffler on the road
why don’t you band them together,
<[must be opposing each other]>
put them on, and hear which one
you can hear

Herlina Syarifudin
deserted deaf
the eardrum of town
be lost!

Risti Danasmoro
shut up! l’m listening to the stories from
the other side of the country
oh, you want to listen it too?
this, one ear for you
here, listen to the story of dian and asni
from the blue continent

Poetry of the week:

Wardjito Suharso

Wired Autism





same: cable in the ear!

Chosen by Likers and Netizen:

Asni Furaida with her poem called “Cable Elegy” (translation will appear soon)

Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook #2 Winners!

Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook #1

Indolitcollective is a collective literature platform that aims to bring the works of new emerging authors/poets from Indonesia in to worldwide reading.

Indolitcollective launched its first program called “INDONESIAN POETRY BATTLE ON FACEBOOK” which began in the late of November. It had challenged the emerging authors from Indonesia to respond to an issue on photos, artworks, paintings, art performances, books, culture and philosophical thought. The result was quite mesmerizing, over 70 cyber public authors gave their full effort to write a visual-based poetry in the very first season of the battle.

This project initiated in the aim of emphasizing the creative work of writing poetry, not disregarding to the literary criticism, but in a way which is not dominating like most of literary magazines. Indolitcollective pursues to read poetry in to somewhere near the last line of poems against its peak: bringing back to the very nature of human body experience, touching the personal and fragmented reality at the same time. Indolitcollective should welcome these people to its pages: the one from the lost generation of Indonesian literature.

The poetry curators are changing every weeks, in consideration of identifying the varied poetics and aesthetics in Indonesian literature environment. The curators work together, giving their thumbs for the best poetry-comments from the participants.

Curators of “Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook #1”:

Oka Rusmini (Winner of Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa Literary Award for Poetry), Anton Kurnia (Esaist & Translator), Ahda Imran (Poet), Adinda Luthvianti (Theater Director), Fanny Chotimah (Esaist), and public Likers and Netizen.

Choosing 10 poems from 10 different authors:

Gustu Sindhuputra

A woman
spins time
wraps in the age of the oldest corner
with a paralyzed body withered
the windmill’s rotation
the most remote place
stringing thread of the brittle fate

(translated by Indolitcollective)

Sartika Sari

my kitchen stove is empty
a cold pot
an empty rice basket

no money
inside my pockets
the belly of my daughter
the belly of my laughter
will you fill my kitchen?

let out the morning under the furnace bed
for cooking rice
and frying a piece of salted fish
as my breakfast menu
as an orphan

(Translated by Indolitcollective)

Yudhie Guszara

Red wheels Singing Songs of Grief

I heard the sound of sobbing tears,
moaning hunger hearing anger of the wild huts

I keep hearing the song of sorrow
singing discordant voices.
voices of an abandoned person
voices. natural. screaming. that.

in a pain sharpened
the dark night

Red flame on my turbulent veins
In the circular space
in the chest of a rumbled eyeball
Blood clot thickens
red wheel of fortune
red face of grief

(Translated by Indolitcollective)

Didik Siswantono

that subject of fortitude, Madame
we had a chat in an evening
while weaving
with a tightened chest.

then you pretend to pray,
to worship a prayer
never comes

(Translated by Indolitcollective)

Asni Furaida

at that-keeps-graying hair, a tired hand weaving, and tightly clenched lips, there i swing my hope. at that-keeps-mouthing belly, from very little money, from very little valley.
but you know, my belly is full and that is life itself.
it means more than enough.

(Translated by Indolitcollective)

M Alif Marufy

after Maghrib

* click *
“Let’s see, how many words have been kindled”
“Have you done? Can I go on?”
“o yea, i wish my color is blue.”
“Hey, I’m here! Don’t ignore me!”
“I hope you stay strong out there”

“So you call your comment a poem?”
“ooh …”
*ignore *
“Never mind,
• what words can do?
• Back to work you do!”

(translated by Indolitcollective)

Aksan Taqwin Embe

a twister of suffer

the time battered by tightness
spirited face beaten by its folds

subsided not the thunder
like a clockwork that stabs
but the pain

(translated by indolitcollective)

Farra Yanuar


Nanda, half of my head left behind in the kitchen,
between the furnace and the rest of turmeric smell.
the rest are tucked in cubicles, my prayers and dreams exchanged glances.
In a cracked glass, my ulcers.
Not just a stale cup of tea.
Any leftover rice,
enough for you to pack.

Weaving machine, ask me for many.
I dedicate my soul, so it may keep you away
from being insane

(translated by indolitcolective)

Afrilia Utami

A Yarn Weaver, My Mother

a mother weaves a common thread
and her son threw away his body
to the farthest barricade line, interrupted fog.

between patience and the stillness of fingers
do they grow sadness in his eyes?

for bringing cloud drizzle
mother weavers thread, into the sun
would never finish the day without a painful effort.

the sun can be so bright here
but is so far from the mother’s arms.

(translated by indolitcollective)

Indolitcollective Special Interest:

Gusmel Riyadh

Poems that eat a grandmother

Oh, a wrinkled grandmother
I feel so sorry for your unfortunate fate
thousand rhymes are thrown at your face
your drooping eyes

(translated by indolitcollective)

Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook #1