Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook 7 Winners!

photo courtesy of Indonesian literary collective


Theme: ‘1000 forms of fear”

Narudin Pituin (Poet)
Eka Budianta (Poet)
Soni Farid Maulana (Poet)
Dewi Kharisma Michellia (Author)
Abu Nabil Wibisana (Poet & Champion IPBoF Season 2)


Linggar Rimbawati Puwrowardhoyo
You may exchange it
With ten grains of candy
Which will finish off your tongue

On top of the crumpled sheet
We have exchanged
Mischievous messages

Arif Rohman
thousand rupiahs and flower pot

my plants are worth a thousand rupiahs
its roots are still firmly stuck
but unfortunately the leaves are falling
is it appropriate for me being grateful
or should I
fell down

Estria Solihatun Nurjannah
I bought the pot for a thousand rupiahs. then I planted there a thousand rupiahs. Hoping that it will grow thousands of a thousand rupiahs.

Faiz Adittian

a thousand of season
the tree has been burnt down
not because he had a fight with the sun
but because he molts himself
by the time fall

Ang Jasman
Your Message on the Desk

The air suddenly release the scent of tube
The room was completely quite, silent. The almanac is stunned.
There is a message that you left on the table. Such as your voice.
Hold, you say, life is ours. See.
The shrubs are patiently waiting
for the leaves to grow.

Ratna Ayu Budhiarti
My Daughter has just called

‘Mom, are you working now? When you go home, please bring me a tree of money!
I want to buy a red car, red vespa, and red plane’

It’s rainy season, but my poem could not grow in the newspaper.
Wait, I’ll look for you a toy tree of money in the city park
It was said that it thrives also
plastic grass there

Ken Hanggara
A thousand rupiahs gives you two choices
Between living or dying
Can be a glass of mineral water
Can be a glass of kerosene
Choose whichever you like

Ken Hanggara
I mortgaged my life to you, dear gentlemen
The dominion over water, land, electricity, food, and school fees
I’ll just dry my life, bring it
You can pay a thousand rupiahs, no problem
The important thing is that my wife and my children could eat

Muhammad Badrun

Sukarno’s tree. The draught Mecca, relieved
The leaves are falling down,
Now grown again because they can take care of themselves
Are we wither by a thousand rupiahs?
(Bucil, 2015).

Waffa Ruhul Bakkah
Tree of Recitation 1
I was forced to take off the leaves
‘Cause the poison of supercilious era
Millions of breath have been mortgaged
Just for the sake of a dime
God, I’m not a suspect!

Lailatul Kiptiyah
the forest, my son
which grows from the roots of the past sweat
now demolished, removed by
low hand people
whose value is not more than a thousand

Abdul Wachid BS
(Chosen by netizens)
The Wife of Poem (1)
Money can be sought
if love can be bought?
I need your love
I need you talk
I need you read like
A poetry

Syifa Khumariah (Chosen by netizens)
A grieving tree? -nope! I’m even the richest tree!

it is said that leaves have withered slashed by the most deceitful words?!
whereas, my new leaf exclaimed that they want to be green in this season
every time
they said I was the most imbecile tree
injured because I have lifeless branches
whereas I have thousands life that roars without one need to know
am I a grieving tree? Nope! I’m the richest tree.

Abdul Wachid BS (Chosen by netizens)
The Wife of Poem (2)
if I am still
be the clean clothes of yours?
the entire disgrace will disappear
all my fatigue will have its own physician
after closing the door of poem

Yanwi Mudrikah (chosen by netizens)
: Money and flower pots

dried flowers on the table
women and
they are hoping to
be immortal

its fragrance
slammed not the heart
on the
life table

Riyadhus Shalihin
Discipline Lesson on Monday
A jammed Monday! a morning formed by lesson of requesting a refund for postage. A Monday which commute from embarrassment and a war in my pocket. A Monday with bamboo spears and daggers. A flag ceremony with Pattimura’s coffin, clean up the nation’s debt from the sharp nail entering the class door. A history lesson has just started. Red dates oversee the sharp morning, Pattimura who is waiting for the bell to ring. The canteen provides spices, cinnamon and a set of scout chlothes.

Galeh Pramudianto
Latah* Tuah**

fragrant twigs plant the past
accusing the breezy ballad
struggle century
spelling alphabet
a treasure close enough to embrace
by a sticky mess.

*a condition in which abnormal behaviors result from a person experiencing shock. When surprised, the affected person typically engages in such behaviors as screaming, cursing, dancing type movements, and uncontrollable laughter.
**derived from Malay which means good luck

Anton Sulistyo
The snow seemed so settling
in the twigs of trees. In the window glasses
face of the city whitened. The wailing wind

1000 grim memories like a boat
Sailing in the ceiling
of my bedroom

Lailatul Kiptiyah

‘one poem’

I’m just a tree
that molt
my age shrinked and peeled down
but you know that is also
thousand forms of sad
thousand forms of yearning desire

Mahroso Doloh (Chosen by netizens)
Tree of love
tree of love that
unable to paint green color
‘til your smile was buried by
thousand of testaments;
unsignificant testaments

Yanwi Mudrikah (Chosen by netizens)
‘a woman with love in her eyes’
A woman believe in the word
even though she knew that it has no meaning
but a woman with love in her eyes
in the middle of life packaging
her hopes become reality

Adi Purnomo Wartam
The twig I brought home

Whose sword is it
each swinging stripped of leaves
so that nothing was left in the wilderness
except that dry twig
which I
brought home

Titi Anisatul Laely (Chosen by netizens)
Poetry fragment, Fall
you and I are aging
lying on the dry ground
scavenge a story
thousand faces who have met
with the petrified body

Titi Anisatul Laely (Chosen by netizens)
Captain Pattimura
The man whose eyes are painted by the blue ocean
an injured spy
money have dried upon the almanac of history
closed the eye of the sky
that deprive the roots of poverty

Muhammad Badrun (Chosen by netizens)
Neon Lights. Behind the money
There is a flame, there is an outages
There is arid, there is shady
And we are the ones between the two circumstances:
surrender to the sword.

Suratno Nano
There is money under the tree*
Crumpled money
Dying tree
Has no leaf
Has no flower

with a crumpled money
still you made it

*Written in Javanese.

Ratuarti Laras
The pot of fortune

Spread the seeds turning to harvest
Taking care of the hard root
Be a thousand
Blessing is not going any where

Artyza Maghfira Quen
a thousand words that you write
now seemed barren in silence
from the beauty of yesterday

just fall to the remaining branches
nothing looks greenish
thousand words yesterday will
remain in my shelf
in the barren silence

Ardy Suryantoko (Chosen by netizens)
deciduous leaf in a paper sheet
becomes a testament fiber
contents twist of the branches
nothing called cistern
rain will not come back

Ardy Suryantoko
then the branch planted
roots become flower
fruits become stupidity

Sartika Dian Nuraini
Antypatriota and Dried Flowers
Je Suis Charlie

and we are stunned
when the meaning
run with the gun
can we just delete the picture of
machete in our money?

Sartika Dian Nuraini
The Three Legged Glass Inlay

Which is hiding behind a sharp sword
is an evidence
Why the language
always hide
the other meanings: the other secret

Brita Putri Utami
Encrusted twigs

exclaimed the young man,
on a dry twig in his back
‘give me a gradation
or i made you closely
with a pale white paint?’

then the young man took the arms
made the twigs giddy.

Wanto Tirta
the day has been ok
entering into a puddle of plastic
barren the world, sadden an eagle
the tables dried by conscience
the matter of war
ripped off our heart
selling all the values

Sunlie Thomas Alexander
Should I mark your heroic,
ouch, thomas matulesi …
for a thousand rupiahs?

Ishack Sonlay (translation pending)
A Smile at the Grocery Store

a long streched and cetah.
tapping the rubber trees.
Arenga pinata and a grocery store.
Editing the Edge.

Deri Hudaya
on writing poetry

severed head. embedded in the pot
color of the sky before sunset. graying hair, lengthwise
become twigs. poetry is a leaf,
next to the memory and next to a long dream, fall
at the end. though there was never an end.

Deri Hudaya

Rupiah in the history. Or
history in rupiah.

A tree in a red pot
loss to think about.

Indonesian Poetry Battle on Facebook 7 Winners!

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